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Omnivium (Deluxe Edition)

by Obscura

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Septuagint 07:17
I assume a true above and below One more and first of all I endeavor the deadly uniformity That erudition brought into this world I doubt wherever the earth's gravity That is boldly presumed to extend Over the whole structure of the world Effective beyond a certain radius Aeon, uniformity, divine This empty space extending on all sides Where the suns of the suns are subordinated I thought of a great manifold of different ones Where double stars moving alternately Round each other but not round a third one A whole that does not tolerate a middle As masses of light flow into each other If this universe increased to its extremity When the other side transists into a black hole A downward spiral of the corporeal masses our existence is complete in both directions I assume a separation of powers that be Of purely demonic divine chaos I endeavor the deadly uniformity That erudition brought into the world When we can pass over into the other A world, pure and silent through death This empty space extending on all sides A true above, a true below
For the very reason a part gets the upper hand The might within space represses the internal So that they have become two worlds then Divine determination, free, pure and unadulterated Vortex Omnivium- Where consciousness is the end of all Divine revelation, and words become flesh Vortex Omnivium- When arousing transitory Sentiments become pure anger and wrath Our thoughts will come to rest only at the final unity United life will follow separated subsistence Within this whisper of life, within this sensible world This substantive being will break the tie of eternal rest
I consider our Earth as a part of the lowest area We live as we were at the bottom of the sea Where nothing is pure and undespoiled Where everything is eaten and eroded Where the grips of externality is unable freely To emerge beyond a certain space of this one Where nothing is pure and undespoiled Where everything is wet and salt Where earth and spirit unite An opposition to the visible A call of the purified souls Emerges beyond, breaks free Deliverance - an acroamatic halo Deprivation - in particular obedience Eclipsed - shackled and torn apart Emptiness - devoid of heart and soul
Our time will be devised as they will be Taken from the present, above and below When you become the salt in the wounds Mankind will rise again - baptism by fire An imagination along unrestricted bounds A distant future, appearance of illusion When you feel the merge within the wounds Mankind will rise again - Baptism by fire When we fall toward a new sun aeon Nothing more than a mere underneath When you see throughout the worlds Within the suns - downward and dead Between our visible world At the place, highest of all I will turn to my mind's eye Where the blame lies with me We are here among ourselves With the sun and stars above us An abyss within the depth At a splendid place, above and below
Prismal Dawn 06:19
Behind those halls yonder, above the caliginous enigma Where soul and spirit unite, there lies buried everything I have Where we left the quiet sanctuary that united us on this side To be separated for aeons, enchained in eternity I lost you when I am chased away yet again Yet your feeble remnants adores them I am torn away even from the area of ground that covers you Which was the very last thing I had of you I lost you when I am chased away yet again Yet your mortal remains rest peacefully and purely Whatever part of this earth will retain them Passing the world beyond, I'll be with you This is our heart, our mind, our conscience Our soul no longer belongs to us Returning home to eternal freedom Begin a new course, ennoble our essence In the latter we find one law and one purpose A purpose that can not be from this world Beyond abyss through which blackness shines in Behind those halls, where soul and spirit unite There lies buried everything I have in the Prismal Dawn
The inclination will become naught When a justifiable longing is accorded to it Within the magnitude of the object For the gain of an everlasting truth Amalgamation will be scorned by both When there is a whisper of faith Within the halls of eternity For a wish of silence in the black eclipse Light and vision, day and night, will break free A night like day and a day like night embrace us all Our wishes find their final resting place in us A moonlit night touches our inner being ...And makes a shudder run through our flesh A night like day and a day like night embrace us all Our wishes find their final place When our mind disappears into a sudden Shuddering movement and leaves behind in his soul A painful longing for its survival Light and vision, day and night, will break free
Velocity 06:03
Those who arise despite ourselves Where the left hand path begins A fragment is pushing through, enforces my memory My mind has been swaying for some time Your sign, suggesting a pale remembrance Where everything finally disappears This is the end, where everything finishes What will be revealed in silence This is the end, where each secret disappears Fragrance of the dead, redemption of the weak Between the worlds, where the one merge with the other through them Where the growth of an external world amalgamate into a spirit truth Where a transition occurs within death and salvation You'll see the whole, the whole of the undivided one At the stage where you'll lead delightful The one that is fallen waits frightful
In deepest depths, at the dark side of a burning star By the dully shining black sun - the dance of the dead
Aevum 07:50
Where profound souls shy away from self fulfillment We stroll in silence through this universe Where abysmal pansophy wallows in deepness To enjoy the bliss of a fractional existence The holiest necessity of inner being is not a law for nature In nature even divine necessity takes on the bleach animosity To keep our inner being free of this contradiction With the irresistible force fore of a terrible necessity once present Those who are ashamed to start from the earth To climb up from the creature mankind To draw those thoughts that are beyond Earth, fire, water, and air Void Dimension - as man stands here on earth Void Dimension - as flash of eternity As man stands here on earth in this life As flash of eternity that enlighten this gloominess Portraying this progeny of their soul as enigma Devoured by its own will, unbounded, inevitable Wherever one thing reaches into the other Neither of the others can leave Each requires the other


OBSCURA’s highly-anticipated new album Omnivium sees the critically-acclaimed quartet cementing their place amongst the all-time metal-elite. Omnivium finds the band pushing the progressive edges of the genre’s sounds to new heights while delivering the technical metal that has become their calling card. The band gracefully blends brutality and beauty with complex, commanding songs played at stunningly virtuosic levels. Tracks such as album opener “Septuagint”, “Vortex Omnivium”, “Euclidean Elements” and “Celestial Spheres” are expressive and elaborate, and exude class and the confidence of a band at the peak of their abilities. Ominivum very clearly raises the bar for extreme, technical metal and is OBSCURA’s finest moment to date.



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Obscura Germany

From its very beginnings in 2002, the German progressive death metal band OBSCURA has demonstrated an uncanny ability for blending different forms of technical, cerebral metal into a coherent synthesis of death, thrash and black metal merged with progressive elements. ... more

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